When working on a large wall mural, sometimes it might be helpful to run out a section of your project at full size and tape it up. By doing this for a project with Graphic Partners, we realized the need to modify our design because some elements were too big. Yes, printing a proof will add a modest cost and time to the turnaround. But in the long run, it may save you from a re-print and re-install.

David Ogilvy said...."If you can choose, always use your clients' products. By helping them you're helping yourself. And it is always positive to know the consumer journey from inside out." Some of our clients have products that we can’t use, so we try to collect vintage items of their brand to have around the office to serve as motivation when we work on their projects.

When asked to create signage for a customer event, it’s easy to skimp on the creative. Instead we feel that it deserves the same effort you would put into an ad or marketing piece. For our client, Siemens, not only did we color code the signs, but we also added a visual, so attendees could navigate the convention center to find the event easier.

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Some of our projects need a little more than an image so stop back occasionally to read about our latest work or a topic that we may find interesting about our industry.

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